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Your Right To Appeal The Results Of An IRS Audit

Tax audits are no joke. When you get audited, you likely feel immense stress and pressure. That intensifies when the audit results do not come back in your favor. Fortunately, you as a taxpayer have options. The end of your audit does not necessarily mean the end of the matter.

At Georgia Tax Attorney Group, LLC, our tax litigation attorneys are skilled in pursuing appeals for clients across the entire state of Georgia. Individuals and business owners reach out to our team because we have an established reputation for professionalism, effective service – and a track record of getting results.

When Is An Appeal Necessary?

The complex tax code in the U.S. puts the burden on filers to ensure accuracy. Often the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit will result in an assessment that you disagree with or cannot afford. When that happens, you have options. We can help.

You have every right to dispute:

  • The amount you owe
  • The liens, levies and penalties against you
  • The interest on your tax bill

What Does The Appeal Process Require?

The appeal process is complex, and the process and requirements will differ depending on whether your issue is a federal or state-level appeal. However, in either, you must compile financial information such as:

  • Bank records
  • Tax forms
  • Income records
  • Property statements

Finally, you must draft an appropriate protest letter. Our attorneys can quickly and accurately help you build your appeal. We have the legal knowledge and insight you need on your side.

Remember – the legal team you choose can mean the difference between a successful appeal and devastating tax liability.

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