To beat the IRS, you need a legal team that understands the IRS.

The Georgia Audit System

While every tax audit is stressful, a state income tax audit in Georgia comes with unique challenges. Because of Georgia’s tax laws, you need a legal team with a detailed understanding of Georgia’s tax code and how to proceed in court.

At Georgia Tax Attorney Group, LLC, our team of tax litigators has extensive experience representing Georgians facing audits and many other tax issues. We have an established reputation for providing skilled, knowledgeable representation to individuals and business throughout the state.

Choosing Our Team of Tax Litigators

Our attorneys offer expertise and insight into the tax audit and assessment process. All are highly experienced litigators who have successfully pursued appeals through the GDR and the GTT.

Facing An Internal Georgia Revenue Review

A fundamental aspect of finding tax relief after an audit is successfully navigating the internal review process of the Georgia Department of Revenue (GDR). For the vast majority of your case, you will deal directly with the GDR, including matters such as:

  • Proposed assessments
  • Offers in compromise
  • Payment plans


If you appeal and the Georgia Department of Revenue does not accept it, you will receive a final assessment. However, a final assessment does not mean your case is over. You may still pursue your appeal through the Georgia Tax Tribunal (GTT). The GTT is a court dedicated solely to resolving tax appeals; it provides an opportunity for faster results and a more experienced review of the issues at hand.

Our attorneys understand the appeals process. We can help you.

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